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Office of Housing releases RFP for Mt Baker Redevelopment Sites

he Mount Baker station area is entering an exciting new phase with the City of Seattle’s Office of Housing (OH) releasing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of three parcels. In 2020, the University of Washington transferred these parcels near the Link light rail station to the City for affordable housing development, aiming to create a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

The Mount Baker Redevelopment Sites offer a chance to achieve public benefits in a transit-oriented, high-risk displacement neighborhood, guided by the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan, the Mount Baker Town Center Urban Design Framework, and a 2014 rezone approval. The City of Seattle, in collaboration with Sound Transit and community stakeholders, is inviting pre-qualified housing developers to submit proposals for mixed-use, affordable housing development in Mount Baker, adjacent to the Link light rail station, with the goal of promoting equitable access to affordable housing and essential services.

OH is conducting a two-part process for developer selection. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was the first stage, which has led to the identification of primary developers for the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage. The RFQ to RFP Pipeline is a newly developed model for OH that we are testing with the Mount Baker Redevelopment Sites. With the additional step of the pre-analysis with the RFQ, OH is able to save time and resources for developers and providers on their applications for the RFP. Our interpretation of the community-driven engagement informed the development of the RFQ to RFP Pipeline model. The final development team will be designated in early 2024.

The selected primary developers who will advance to the RFP stage are:

Community input has been central to the process, focusing on family and community-centered design, celebration of community history, safety, open spaces, and health and wellness. Based on community engagement, the top priorities desired at the new development are:

  • Family and community-centered design in buildings, open space, and programming.
  • Design, features, and uses that celebrate and support the community’s history and diversity.
  • A development that is inviting, welcoming, and integrated with the community and surrounding amenities.
  • Positive living experience for building residents, including natural light in units and privacy from other buildings.
  • Design and features that enhance personal and community safety, including pedestrian safety and safety from crime.
  • Open space and programming that is well-used, promotes health and wellness, and serves all ages and abilities.

Retail opportunities in the area range from BIPOC-serving small businesses to big-box stores, with organizations like Asian Counseling and Referral Service and Refugee Women’s Alliance supporting immigrants and refugees. The development prioritizes residents’ quality of life, efficient layouts, and cost-effectiveness, aligning with the City of Seattle’s commitment to affordable housing and equitable development for a more inclusive and vibrant Mount Baker community.

Visit our website for more information and updates on the Mount Baker Redevelopment and to read the RFP.