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2024 Notice of Funding Availability for Rental Housing

Rendering of Filipino Community of Seattle - Filipino Community Village

The Seattle Office of Housing is now accepting proposals for the preservation and new construction of affordable, rental housing in our vibrant city through the release of the 2024 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) with up to $112 million in funding.

The preservation and production of affordable housing is the foundation to thriving and equitable communities. The 2024 NOFA seeks to fund projects that will address displacement, create or preserve access to housing for people experiencing homelessness, and increase access to opportunity. The projects that OH funds will deliver quality, affordable housing for low-income individuals and families, our elders, and our neighbors who work full-time or multiple jobs and are still struggling to make ends meet.

Our rental housing goals are to:

  • Create affordable rental housing for various household sizes and income levels.
  • Support projects that help make homelessness rare, brief, and non-reoccurring. Prioritize housing for those at high risk, including (but not limited to) individuals with chronic disabilities, veterans, and those facing severe barriers to housing.
  • Develop homes that include services for individuals recovering from substance use disorders.
  • Offer stable, healthy living spaces for low-income families. Ensure these homes have access to culturally appropriate services and are close to schools, jobs, and public transportation.
  • Focus on acquiring and maintaining existing affordable housing, especially where low-income families risk being displaced.
  • Encourage development near major transit areas to provide residents with easy access to transportation and jobs.
  • Promote environmentally sustainable building practices.
  • Allocate funds for significant upgrades that enhance safety, energy efficiency, and extend housing longevity.
  • Support local organizations that address housing inequalities, particularly those serving Black, Indigenous, People of Color communities, and other historically marginalized groups.

Creating affordable housing requires collaboration from many people who share a vision and a commitment for something greater than any of us could do alone. We understand and appreciate the responsibility, the resources, and the risk that affordable housing developers and operators take when they make a commitment to affordable housing. We hope to be a trusted partner in this journey.

We invite developers and organizations who are ready to work with us in achieving these goals to apply for funding. Together, we can build a One Seattle where everyone has a healthy and affordable home.